Distance Healing

Sessions begin with discussion and exploration of the defining issues in your life. This provides a way to focus on your energy in the moment, and to create the healing space. Then, in a meditative state, Eve will scan your energy body to identify where you require support or aid in unblocking energy. From that base the process of unblocking will begin, and may include additional work in transforming any limiting perceptions and beliefs.

Each session is a journey of exploration, analysis, and applied action designed to create a greater wholeness and unveil the sacred within you. The process is creative and dynamic by definition, and not defined by any rigid healing system. At the end of the session, or shortly after, there is usually a perceptible difference in your body's state of being.

These processes, once begun, are ongoing: time should be allowed for all levels of your body and spirit to integrate the shifts and to continue their transformation.

Cost for distance healing: $140 per session. Each session is approximately one hour.

You may also purchase a block of 3 distance healing sessions for $360 (a 10% discount). This block must be used within 3 months from the time of purchase.

Please note: This work focuses on the deep energetic patterns underlying any condition, but it does not substitute for necessary medical attention.

Schedule Distance Healing Sessions

To schedule distance healing sessions with Eve Soldinger, please follow these two steps

Step 1

Choose three options for your next session.

Step 2

Pay for your session.

One Distance Healing Session $140

Purchase one distance healing session with Eve Soldinger. Price: $140.

Three Distance Healing Sessions $360

Purchase three distance healing sessions with Eve Soldinger at a 10% discount over individual sessions. Price: $360.

In Person Healing

For local classes and additional healing service offerings.


Eve Soldinger's distance work is both deep and subtle. I have worked with Eve for years and believe that her skills and training, combined with her deep love for her work and for her patients creates a profound space for powerful and meaningful transformation. She is someone who can be counted on to support your ongoing energetic health no matter where you happen to be in the world.

~ SM, New York, NY

I have studied acupuncture from many sources and studying Five Element work with Eve has been a totally visceral experience of the elements. I feel like I can embody the elements now and that I have my own relationship with them.

~ KM, Tubac, AZ

I struggled with depression for years. Traditional doctors left me feeling even more hopeless. Medications felt toxic and the side effects always surpassed any benefits. Since working with Eve I've been free of depression for over 3 years. My frozen shoulder disappeared during a session as well! I'm off all medications and living a life I never thought possible.

~ JL from Duluth, MN

When I began my work with Eve, I was almost totally numb on every level. I could not begin to access any light. I was compromised physically, yet the physicians could not determine the exact cause of all my ailments. My life had gone from very active and fulfilling to being unable to access any parts of myself to participate in life. This had gone on for years by the time I started to work with Eve.

After all our work, I now can laugh, cry, and when appropriate even get angry. I have a new and profound appreciation for beauty, for nature, for loved ones, and for life. I feel like I’ve been on a magical, mystical trip back into my own life.

~ SM from Ithaca, NY

Every experience I have had with Eve has left me in complete astonishment and bliss. She has the remarkable ability to scan your body on a physical and spiritual level, and not only clear you of unnecessary pain, but also help give you the tools to further the healing. She successfully worked to help my body recover faster when injured and helped give me the emotional strength to face some of my greatest struggles with courage and joy.

~ AA, Seattle, WA

By creating an extraordinary compassionate space for me, Eve has helped me explore a deeper insight into love and strength that we need to live more fully into our potential. My heart feels tremendously lighter, and joyfulness was returned to it. I’ve also noticed many positive changes in my body as well, which seem to happen naturally through my sessions with Eve.

~ RC, Anchorage, AK

Studying with Eve for the past 8 years I felt confident and supported toward claiming my ability to heal on the deep spiritual level. Her work helped me feel clearer and cleaner in myself enabling me to go to the next level. I always felt respected and validated no matter where I was in my process.

~ BA, Highland, MD

While attending shamanic workshops at Findhorn in Scotland, I appreciated the chance to live onsite for a week and to partake of the consecrated atmosphere they have cultivated over many decades. Yet, I found myself in similar sacred consciousness during Eve's classes on the Shamanic Approach to Energy Work. It was easy to remain in a deep state of connection to the divine mysteries.

Eve offers a graceful balance between teaching content from her vast expert knowledge, nurturing the engagement of each participant, and intuitive facilitation, allowing Spirit to enter fully.

~ LB, Eugene, OR

Ultimately the universe... has to be understood as a single undivided whole, in which analysis into separately and independently existent parts has no fundamental status.

- David Bohm